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On December 23rd 2007, we were blessed with our first child. Christian George Martinisi entered the world on a cold December morning two days earlier than his due date. We brought him home Christmas Day and he was the best Christmas gift we will ever receive. As he grew, so did his personality. He was an old soul, full of love and mischief. As our family grew, he proved to be an amazing older brother. Anthony and Nicky, his younger brothers, idolized him. He returned their love adoringly.

In July 2014 our home was struck by lightening, igniting a fire. Our family escaped unharmed, grateful to be safe. While our home was being fixed we went to live in a nearby rental home. Just three weeks after relocating to the rental home, our lives changed forever. 

August 28, 2014 will forever be the date of division. It is the day that divides our life into “before” and “after” Christian passed away. Traumatically and ironically Christian passed away exactly eight weeks, to the day and time, of the lightening strike at the start of the summer. He was due to start first grade in just a few days.


Our lives are forever changed. The hole that is in our hearts, family and community will never completely heal. He will forever be missed, but not forgotten. We know Christian’s energy is strong. We continue to feel his presence and receive signs from him. We are extremely grateful for this. 

We are now a changed family. A family of four and one angel. We will always love him and honor him. It is astounding to know the impact our firstborn made in short six years of his life on Earth. We will continue to spread the love he is sending from Heaven. 

Program #1


Providing resources, support and hope to families  after unexpected child loss.

Program #2


Educational Scholarship Program